North Headlines 1980 – 1983

Grampian Today was rebranded North Tonight in 1980.The local headlines were also rebranded. North News followed the ITN News At One on weekday afternoons and the North Headlines were scheduled just before closedown on weeknights only.

Kennedy Thomson, Lesley Macleod, David Bennett, Maggie Palmer and Barrie Redfern.

North Headlines 1983

By 1983 Grampian had completed a £3.78 million building and equipping project at Queens Cross this marked the completion of a £5.25 million investment programme. The heart of the new development was the new central technical area located now on the ground floor which housed £2million pounds of the new development. Station announcers moved into a new studio which had a choice of sets for both news and continuity.

David Bennett and Daphne Neville.

North Headlines 1984

Off air picture of Ann Brodie at news desk taken by me on a visit to the new continuity studio in March 1984.

North Headlines 1984

A few months later the set had changed to a blue background for the headlines this was also being used for continuity in the evenings and the soft lounge set used for daytime.

North Headlines 1985

North Tonight got a new look in 1985 and so did the set for news in the announcers studio.

North Headlines 1987 – 1988

A new look for 1987 the bulletin was still branded North News and North Headlines, however the studio set was branded Grampian News.

Grampian Headlines 1988

With the introduction of twenty four hour television in 1988 the bulletins were rebranded as The Grampian Headlines. The late bulletin followed News At Ten which was now in line with all the other ITV regions. The Grampian Headlines were also now being produced at weekends.

Grampian Headlines 1989

The look here in 1989.

Grampian Headlines 1990 – 1992

Into the nineties and another new look for The Grampian Headlines.

Grampian Headlines 1993 – 1994

A new look in 1993. Journalist Mark White presents the first Grampian bulletin for GMTV.

Grampian Headlines 1995

The Grampian Headlines in 1995.

Grampian Headlines 1996 – 1998

Continuity Announcers were still reading the Grampian Headlines following the SMG merger in 1997. For a brief period an extra bulletin was scheduled between eleven thirty and midnight, there was still a short bulletin and a pause for Reflections after News At Ten. Invision continuity was slowly being phased out and the announcers were performing out of vision links before and after the headlines.

Grampian’s presenation department closed at the end of June 1998 announcers were no longer required in Aberdeen.

Journalists started to present the Grampian Headlines. Sarah Mack and Mark White in 1998.

Grampian Headlines 1999

Another new look for the headlines John Duncanson and ex announcer Scott Brown here in 1999.

Grampian Headlines 1999 – 2003

Following the announcers departure from Queens Cross, some new faces arrived in the Grampian News Room to Present the headlines. The bulletin still came from the old continuity studio and this was the last look from Queens Cross.

Grampian Headlines 2003

The bulletin at lunchtime came from the North Tonight studio and was branded as Grampian News.

Grampian Headlines 2003 – 2006

Grampian moved to their new studios in Tullos at the end of June 2003. The GMTV bulletins and weekend headlines were coming from the new studios several weeks before the move testing out the new facilities.

After the move all daytime bulletins were branded as Grampian News and late bulletin was renamed North Tonight.

Grampian Headlines 2003 -2006

The late evening bulletin was renamed North Tonight.

Grampian Headlines 2006 – 2007

Grampian was rebranded as STV in May 2006, the daytime bulletin was renamed North Today the programme was given new graphics too.

Grampian Headlines 2006

After Grampian was rebranded as STV in May 2006, North Today and North Tonight were given a new look.

North Tonight was rebranded as STV News in March 2009.