Daphne Neville
Daphne Neville

– When did you work for Grampian?

Holiday relief from April to July 1983.Equity informed me about the job.

– What training did you go through?

No training was required as i had worked as an invision continuity announcer for HTV in Cardiff for both Wales and West regions.In those days both continuity studios were based in Cardiff either side of master control.Later HTV West continuity moved to Bristol.

– How did Grampian compare to HTV and Border?

I enjoyed my time at Grampian we were very spoilt there script writers wrote all our links.

I worked with Kennedy Thomson, David Bennett, Margaret Donald and John Jason. They all made me feel very welcome.

I stayed in Hamilton Terrace for the few months whilst i worked at the station.

Whilst i worked at Border i wrote all my own scripts and decided what trails went out during the breaks.
Announcers at Border also made the decision to be invision or out of vision it was what ever we preferred.
I could decide if i wanted to do an invision spot or voice over slide before or after the break or split the time and do both.

Initially this felt quite strange as that sort of decision had been made for me at HTV and Grampian, however when i got used to it i realy enjoyed making the decision.

– What are you doing now Daphne?

Still acting most recent tv appearence was The Chase for BBC which involved my own Otter .

Currently iam playing the part of Beatrix Potter as a married woman in the Lake District looking back on the tales she wrote about Peter Rabbit, Mr Jeremy Fisher, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and Jemima Puddle-Duck amongst others.

Daphne has cared for otters at her family’s mill in Gloucestershire for the past 20 years. Daphne talks on average once a week on Otters around the world and her own otters in particular. She is always happy to talk to any age groups and any size of audience and has a fund of amusing anecdotes. She was one of the two UK representitives at the 8th IUCN International Otter Colloquium in Chile in January 2001.
Daphne’s first otter was Bee and she wrote a book about her: “Bee, a Particular Otter”. A cassette tape of Daphne and Bee reading from it is available from Sounds Natural”.

Locally i am known as “The Otter Lady”.